As Donald duck says: "oh, boy! oh, boy!"

Hey amiguitos,

So, This is going to be my first post in English. (finger crossed)

I know that there is a lot of web sites on the internet that you can know "how does it feel to go to Disneyland with toddlers", but, this one is how I think it is with my little one.

Jake and I bought the annual pass tickets last year (for my birthday in June), so that means that we just have less than 6 months to take advantage of them. We said that we have to go at least once per month, because being sincere, I think you can not do a lot in just one day, they have tons of rides and the lines sometimes can take more than 2 hours, especially on weekends and holidays, plus if you go with a toddler, you can imagine how crazy it could be.

Here in California we have 2 Disney Parks: Disneyland and Disney California Adventure, each one is a different park, but in the same place. We love both of them (: although this time we just went to Disneyland, DCA (Disney California Adventure) it's also a cool park and has rides for the little ones as well.

[ The annual passes are more convenient for people who lives in South California, these are "a little" expensive, but if you are planning to go often, they sure worth the price. Also, they have One Day to 5 Day tickets too. For more information you can click here. ]

Another reason we decided to get the Annual passes, is that Luca can go for free ( yay! ), yep!, kids under 3 years old enter for free.

The first time we went to Disneyland with Luca, we were a little "lost", I didn't know which rides were the ones we can go with Luca and was a little stressful everytime we wanted to ride on one, they tell us "oh no, he has to be taller". So, I decided to make a list with the rides you can actually enjoy with your tots.

So, here is the list and where you can find them. If it's the first time you're going, you just need to grab a map in the entrance and that's it, or download the app, just clicking right here.

(The ones with the ♥ are our favorites)

1. Fantasyland

- Alice in Wonderland

- Casey Jr. Circus Train

- Dumbo, The Flying Elephant ♥

- It's a Small World

- King Arthur Carrousel ♥

- Mad Tea Party (Alice in Wonderland Spinning cups) ♥

- Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

- Peter Pan's Flight

- Pinocchio's Daring Journey

- Snow White's Scary Adventures

- Storybook Land Canal Boats

2. Tomorrowland

- Astro Orbitor ♥

- Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters ♥

- Disneyland Monorail (the electric train that takes you around the park)

- Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage

- Star Wars

3. Mickey's Toontown

- Chip -n- Dale Treehouse (Luca's favorite one, but I'm not a fan of it, lol)

- Donald's Boat

- Goofy's Playhouse (You can take a rest, look at your cellphone while they are playing)

- Mickey's House (Here you can meet Mickey and take pictures with him) ♥

- Minnie's House (Here you can meet Minnie and take pictures with her) ♥

- Rogger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin ♥

4. Adventureland

- Enchanted Tiki Room (While you are waiting to come in, you MUST to try the "Dole Whip". You're welcome! ;) )

- Tarzan's Treehouse

- Jungle Cruise ♥

- Indiana Jones Adventure (46in or taller)

5. Critter Country

- The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh ♥

- Splash Mountain (40in or taller)

6. New Orleans Square

- Pirates of the Caribbean ♥

Usually when we go with Luca, in the weekend, we can make 3-5 rides (depending how long are the lines), which it takes to us between 4 to 5 hours in the park. Well, I don't know how this can works with your child, but with Luca this is how much time we lasted, lol! Some moms can understand me if your child is a "line hater" as mine.

survive a day in Disneyland with your child.So, while I'm sharing some pics from that day, I'll be telling you some "interesting things" that help me to have a happy and lasting stay in these awesome parks. And how you can do it too.

There are two things that YOU CAN NOT FORGET: A STROLLER!, but don't worry if you forget to bring yours, actually you can rent one. They have a place which is located to the side of the main entrance. ($15 per day) and WATER! although in this photo I'm drinking a cherry lemonade ($5), it is important to be hydrated.

SNACKS!!! We hate the lines, but can be worst if you are waiting without anything in your tummy. So grab your tot's favorite snacks, put them in a ziplock bag and they will be happy and more patient during the lines.

High 5 for the snacks!!

Ok! this one is going to be "allowed" this time, just because we are in "the happiest place on earth", also is Luca's favorite word lately... CANDY! as I already told you, the lines can make your child be unhappy, so if you want them to be happy for some minutes (while waiting in the lines), there's nothing better than a lollipop and if these ones have Mickey Mouse shape, I bet your kid will think you are "the best mom in the whole world" (dentist are going to hate me now, though).< insert the monkey emoji covering his eyes>. These lollipops come in a group of 5 ($6.50), so you can give them one and save the rest for later.

Luca loves them!

Oh and talking about lollipops, I know they will be your best friends, but they are messy too, so don't forget your WIPES!!

And this is super important too: You probably would like to put SUNSCREAM and/or wear a hat. Now we are in winter, but it is always good to protect your face ;) In summer is a MUST!

Heck yeah!! Don't forget their sunglasses either, Luca is wearing this ones.

And these are the ones I'm wearing in here. My fav ones lately.

I just love these pictures, because we both are wearing our ears!!

Luca's hat ($14.99) + the embroidery of the name ($3.99)

My Minnie Mouse ears headband ($19.99).

You know you can find the different characters in the whole park, so if you see one, go and take a picture with them.

My outfit: A basic white long sleeve shirt, Madewell overalls , and these Adidas.

I love to take a backpack with me every time we go to Disneyland. And this one is a Steve Madden.

This is my "to go" camera here. And my Daniel Wellington watch, is this one

oops!, sorry for the photobomb Luca!

And, that's it! I hope this "simple tricks" can help, they work fine with me.

I know it is a little "difficult" to make "a plan" with toddlers, so don't make plans and just have fun. You will have a good time, I promise!

If you have any questions, leave it in the comments!! Muah!


Photo Credit: Jake

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