ROCO TURNED ONE: Monster Birthday Party

Can I start saying that this was a crazy day? Lol! We woke up early (kind of wanted to get to the park “early” so we can find a good spot). We ended up going a little late (insert the monkey covering its eyes emoji). And guess what? The spot that we wanted was taken (now insert the cry emoji). Anyways, so we arrived to the park with ALL OF OUR STUFF (and was a lot). And, guess what again! It was super windy!! We started to putting the tables and the table cloth and the wind wasn’t nice with us at all ): [now, before I keep telling you that, I want to say THANK YOU to my awesome mother in law and hubby, who helped me a lot with all the prep! LOVE YOU GUYS!] Ok, so, the wind was so crazy I thought we couldn’t make it. But... luckily we made it!

And after all, we had a good time and I really love how everything turned out (: I want to THANKS too, my lovely sister in law Sophie, who makes the CUTEST AND YUMMY COOKIES IN THE WORLD. You can find her account here: P.S. ENJOY . She lives in Arizona but can ship them anywhere in the USA. Mine came to the house (California) super fast. And also I want to THANKS my sweet friend Brittney, she made the MOST BEAUTIFUL MONSTER CAKES I’ve never seen and at least the cake that we ate, (‘cause Roco ate the smash one) was soooo good. She doesn’t have a page yet, but I’m hoping she creates one soon, because I know she is so talented making beautiful cakes. Seriously! If she does, I will be sharing her page here ;) Well... here the pics of the BIG DAY.

My mother in law helped me to set the table up. Loved how it looked.

Roco posing in front the table. He is not walking yet, but standing up by himself now.


Opening the presents.

I made the piñata (: (thanks pinterest!)

I also made this game “Feed the monster”

They ADOPTED their monsters!!!

Little stuffed monsters made of felt.

Finally I would like to thank all my family and friends who came to the party!



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