The Ghost and the Gnome

I made this little not spooky Halloween story for my kids, taking advantage of their costumes.

Luca wanted to be a ghost. And also he asked us to be the ghost family this year for Halloween, but I couldn’t find a ghost costume for Roco, my husband and either for me. So I found this gnome costume for Roco, I thought he will look so cute in it.

Anyway, I already read it to them and Luca really loved the story and that made me want to share this with you too.

The reason I made this?

They can know now that they are not just two random costumes, there’s also a story about them. (:

[it helped Luca to understand and be happy with Roco’s costume].

I hope you like it too. Happy Halloween!!

Ps. I made the story using the UNFOLD app.



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