Toy Review: Magnetic Drawing Board- Picasso Toys

”Express your creativity wherever you go”

Hi friends, Today I want to share my thoughts about this Magnetic Drawing Board we just got from Picasso Toys. Luca loves to draw. He is always asking for some papers and markers. I love how he develop that talent and I can stop him from doing it, but sometimes I feel bad about being wasting so much paper (you know?), and also I don’t always carry papers and markers with me. Specially when we go out. And I mean... what about when we are in the car? It would be super hard to draw when the car is moving, right? We also have other kinds of boards for those occasion, but nothing like this magnetic board. 

The best part is that pictures can be easily removed again and again. So in comparison to the other boards, you won’t need to erase all the work you already made and your kid won’t be frustrated as they can be if they have to start all over again. 

It comes in this box. Which includes a board and a little “magnetic pen” which makes the drawing even easier. When Luca saw it, he got excited and thought it was cool! And let me tell you something... the way you “draw” with this is so relaxing, and when you push the little balls in... oh my gosh! Feels a-ma-zing!! Seriously!! It’s kind of addictive (covering eyes emoji). Lol! Sometimes I have to borrow it from Luca, because you know!! Can’t help myself, Lol! 

You can get creative with this board. Luca already made some numbers, letters, shapes and also new figures he only knows what it could be (like monsters or faces of monsters).  

Although he says his favorite thing to draw is a heart! 

And we found something even cooler. 

After you draw, if you tilt the board forward making all the balls come out and then you put it back again, it will still show you the drawing you made. Isn’t that cool? I think you and your kids will love it!!

Here is a little video to see what I’m talking about: 

VIDEO And... Here is the link to get yours:



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