PLAY & LEARN with Picasso Tiles

Hola!! So today, I’m coming with a new favorite. I know you heard (read) Picasso Tiles before here in my blog, and it’s because we LOVE their products so much I can’t stop sharing them with you all.

These Magnetic tiles are so fun to play. We already had the ones without the images, but when they came out with these ones I was like “I need those!!!”. 

They are perfect for us now. Specially for my little one, Roco! He is starting to talk more and this is a fun way to learn new words. 

Kids love to learn with images. And I’m so glad, my friends from Picasso Tiles created these cute tiles with the ABC animals and different things and numbers.

Roco has learned already some new words with this set (: And he is getting better with his construction skills. 

Now, for the pictures you can tell that is not only Roco’s favorite, but Luca’s too. 

A funny BTP (behind the photo) story:

I was taking some pictures of Roco with the tiles and Luca came and said “mommy, I want some pictures too, because I like to play with them too and Roco shares with me”. So here you have a little photo session of Luca with the Picasso Tiles too. (:

And because I’m enjoying making videos lately. I made one where I show you how they are and how we use (play & learn)  them.


Seriously, this is a great gift for children. 

I really love the “toys” that apart from giving them hours of play, help them to learn and develop new skills.

Here is the link if you want to check them out:

PICASSO TILES - 28 + 28 click in magnetic tile set.

This is what you get in the box of 56 pieces:

- 28  square frames - 28 Click-in Pieces featuring  A) Alphabet letters B) Animals C) Fruits D) Numbers E) Number matching objects F) Emotional expressions G) Character figures 

The best part of these toys is that they are BPA-FREE & NON TOXIC. Child safe and lead safe. 

Thanks for stopping by.                                                 Cindy.

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