At Home Teeth Whitening... Does it work?

"It is awesome that now you don't need to go to the dentist to have a whiter smile".

In this post, I'll share my experience and I'll show you my (not edited) BEFORE & AFTER photos about my teeth whitening at home journey.


I would like to start telling you a story. I remember when I was in high school. I almost never smile and if I did, I was always covering my mouth. And there was a reason:

MY TEETH! They weren't straight and they weren't very white. I remember I felt very insecure. Maybe people didn't even notice (some did), but I didn't like to smile, not at all.

When I turned 16, my aunt gave me a gift, it was to get braces. At that time, it was necessary for me to use the braces, although they weren't very aesthetically pleasing like the braces on today. After having had braces for four years, I did not want to see them or think about them. When I finish my braces treatment my teeth were straight, but the dentist told me now I had to use retainers for a year or two. I was so tired of having to wear braces for four years already I decided to never use my retainers (big mistake).

After all that, my teeth looked much better. Even though now I realize I probably should've use my retainers.

Either way, ever since then I've began to realize the importance of taking care of my teeth, since I was happy to have them how I wanted. I began to be a lot more confident. I started to smile more and not only for cameras but all the time.

Definitely my smile it is my favorite accessory/make up/outfit. I love having it looking good and I'm so glad there are amazing products on the market that can help you with that.

A couple weeks ago I received an email from Smile Brilliant, and they told me that they wanted to do collaboration with me. When I read that they had a teeth whitening kit I got very excited, but I was also a little worried. I didn't know if it was really going to work or if it is going to be painful.

(I had a teeth whitening like 10 years ago through a dentist. The experience was the most painful thing that I had gone through in my life; so I told myself I would never do a whitening again.)

Another reason was, since I have young kids, I didn't know if I was going to have the time. I thought it maybe would be a little bit too difficult to try to do. But, after having spoken with the people from Smile Brilliant, they were able to answer all of my questions and take away all my doubts. They help me get the confidence necessary to do this collaboration and try this product, and I'm not going to lie, this has been one of the best I have experience.

[Applying the whitening gel in my trays. Those syringes make the application super easy.]

[Wearing the fitted trays.]

Here I tell you my experience.

​So, this is the kit that arrived. I got the T3 Sensitive kit: 2 trays for the teeth impressions, jars of the paste: 3 catalyst and 3 base to make the teeth mold, 4 tubes of whitening gel and 4 tubes of desensitizing gel, 1 envelope to send the teeth molds and one information card to fill all the info they need to know to send you the trays back. And also, some papers with info of how to use the trays and the treatment.

As a stay at home mom, the fact that it can be done from home, it was like a super "Oh heck yeah, let's do this!"

The first thing I had to do when I received the kit was to do the impressions of my teeth with the paste. I mixed the paste together (one of the catalyst with one of the base) and then put them into the trays while they were soft (as you see in the picture below). These molds are used to create the silicone tray that you'll use later to whiten your teeth.

I sent the dental impressions in the envelope that came in the package and after a week, Smile Brilliant sent me back the fitted trays I used for the treatment.

The kit came with 3ml syringes.

The pink ones are the whitening gel. This is what I used first.

The purple ones are the desensitizing gel. These ones help with any sensitivity that you may feel because the whitening.

I used to use the whitening gel mostly at night, after having dinner or before I went to bed. The treatment is so easy and the best thing is you do it at your house.

You know what this means, right? You can whiten your teeth while you watching your kids, playing with your dog, watching a movie, reading a book, listening music, checking e-mails or your social medias , chilling in your pajamas... and the list can go and go.

[For example: Here my husband got a pic of me in my PJs, checking my phone while whitening my teeth AT THE SAME TIME. Isn't that cool?]

This is how I did:

The first week, I began whitening my teeth for 45 minutes every other day. The second week, I did it for three days straight for one hour.

Every time I used it, I never felt any pain. The only time I felt a little bit of sensitivity was on the third day of the second week but it wasn't even that bad.

Here are my results

After using the product for two weeks. As you can see my teeth are much whiter. In the first image, I put the picture side by side of the same side of my mouth (in mirror), so you can see the difference. As you can see there're a couple areas on my teeth that were little bit yellow. I don't drink coffee or smoke, so my teeth weren't too yellow but after using the treatment they turned out whiter for sure.

This past weekend I had a dentist appointment and he told me my teeth look white and beautiful. When I told him I was using whitening trays from Smile Brilliant, he told me “oh that's perfect! It’s very noticeable that it's working and that's the best way to whiten your teeth”.

I'm not sure if you know, but this is the same method that dentists use for whitening, exactly the same. Being Smile Brilliant one of the providers to many dentists. But the advantage of buying directly from them is that you received the trays much quicker and much cheaper than what you would pay at the dentist.

Here is the link with frequently asked questions about their system.

"I absolutely love the results because they're super natural".

Many of you know that I like to wear lipstick, especially bright colors. And I really love how the bright colors look now that my teeth are whiter.

I can tell you that many people have noticed how bright my teeth are looking now. Starting with my husband, he can’t stop saying how white they look now. Also other people have said that they like my lipstick color… how interesting is that, uh? Because after the whitening they like the color I have used before but they never said anything. Just recently they're realizing that it's the whiteness of my teeth that give the lipstick the pop. *wink

Ok, now, you know what it's even cooler? We have a GIVEAWAY!!! (That's the best part of collaborations, isn't it?)

One of you can win a Teeth-Whitening Kit (like mine), totally free. The only thing you have to do to enter is by clicking here below:


Complete the information and that's it. You can win a teeth-whitening kit with the value of $149. It is open to USA, UK, Australia and Canadian residents and the winner will be chosen in a couple of days. Our friends from Smile Brilliant will be the ones in charge of choosing the winner.

And if you don't want to wait until the drawing, or you're not a lucky person, I have another good news.

You can use this code: heypececindy15 and get 15% off your own kit.

So yep!, There's no excuse not to have a whiter smile in a way that definitely WORKS!

Also, I would like to leave a couple links with information about their product here so you can check them out:



The team members from Smile Brilliant are super kind and they are always available to help with any questions. If you have any questions about the product or if you're even curious you can contact them and they'll answer all your questions. (Thank you guys for wanting to collaborate with me).

You also can follow them on instagram: @smilebrilliant

Now, it's your turn to tell me in the comments.

Would you whiten your teeth? or Have you done it before?. Would you ever try Smile Brilliant?

I would really love to know your answers.

Thanks for passing by. Have an amazing week!


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